Here is a look at what North Bay is doing in Sonoma County:

Each month Sonoma County’s North Bay Corporation processes 20,000,000 pounds of recyclables!
  • The amount of glass we recycle each month is saving enough energy to light 4,000,000 100-watt bulbs for four hours.
  • The amount of aluminum we recycle each month is saving enough energy to run 32,000 televisions for three hours.
  • The amount of paper we recycle each month is allowing manufacturers to produce recycled paper that will save over 21,000 full grown trees.

Our New Eco-Friendly Split Bodied Collection Trucks are on the road!
  • Collection of Two Materials in One Truck
  • Reduced Truck Trips in Your Neighborhood
  • Low Emissions Fuel Reduces Pollution

North Bay now provides construction and demolition debris box recycling; diverting wood, concrete, scrap metal, sheetrock and more from job sites around Sonoma County. We offer electronic waste collection and processing. Our yard and vegetative food waste Collection helps Sonoma County compost 200 tons of material a day. We offer recycling and environmental education including presentations and newsletters.

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