American Buildings
(In association with PETRO CONSTRUCTION)

A manufacturing company that specializes in furnishing METAL BUILDINGS and COMPONENTS
to it's dealership partners.

American Buildings Co. provides materials for the following markets:

  • Metal Buildings
  • Compact (small) Metal Buildings
  • Components
  • Roofing and Architectural Products

The Great American Partnership

From manufacturing and distribution centers to retail and commercial buildings, from offices and schools to recreation centers and sport clubs, American's building systems and its nationwide network of 1200 builders offer the ultimate in design and value without sacrificing quality.

American has grown from a regional manufacturer doing $3.6 million in system sales to an employee-owned corporation doing nearly $180 million. And with this growth, more and more businessmen, architects, engineers and developers have turned to American and its builders to provide more value for their buildings needs.

Values for your building

  • QUALITY and SERVICE have always been our key to increasing our building systems market share.
  • As an EMPLOYEE-OWNED company, we pride ourselves on helping our builders offer you more building for your investment without sacrificing quality.
  • We lead the industry in PROVABLE engineering and manufacturing quality. We are one of only a few manufacturers in the industry that has all its plants with quality certification by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) in category MB Metal Building Systems. Our Heavy Fabrication Division also combines the economy and fast-track capability of pre-engineered buildings with the strength of conventional steel structures.
  • AISC quality CERTIFICATION is awarded only after inspection by an independent third party.
  • This EVALUATION team takes from one to four days and concentrates on both engineering and manufacturing operations. It includes over 100 areas involving personnel, organization, qualifications, knowledge, and equipment capability and is a measure of a company's commitment to a consistent, stringent standard of quality. At American we like to say "our employees are as committed to quality as if they owned the company"--that's because they do.
  • From unprecedented WARRANTY protection for panel finishes to computer-aided engineering, American can handle your building needs from the simple to the complex, quickly and economically. And without sacrificing quality.
  • At American, we PRIDE ourselves on putting out a great product, but our systems won't build themselves. That's why they are sold and erected by a nationwide network of more than 1,200 American builders.
  • Among the largest in the nation, our builders are trained exclusively in our systems. They're leading local contractors who are selected for their expertise in knowledge of your local building codes, as well as the total construction process. It all starts by calling your American builder. He's in the yellow pages under Buildings-Metal. Better yet hit the hot button at the bottom of the page and it will take you to PETRO CONSTRUCTION home page.