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Matthew Pavone

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Pavone Law

Civil litigation and Criminal Defense

PavoneLaw is dedicated to providing individual and corporate clients with the best legal counsel to deal with the serious issues surrounding white collar criminal matters. This includes the investigation and defense of alleged police misconduct, whistle blower complaints, and corporate internal investigations. The firm also handles civil litigation, specializing in cases asserting quasi-criminal claims such as fraud, conversion and civil RICO.

Matthew Pavone is recognized as a leader in the field with decades of experience within the criminal justice system from the defense and prosecution perspectives. His areas of expertise include:

  • Civil litigation
  • Criminal Defense (white collar)
  • Federal litigation
  • Law enforcement disciplinary proceedings
  • Fraud (healthcare/tax)

Contact Us:

Matthew B. Pavone
750 Grant Avenue Suite 250
Novato, CA 94945-7003

Phone: (415) 209-9610
E-Mail: Matthew B. Pavone:
Robin Moore, Paralegal:
Fax: (415) 892-0337

DISCLAIMER: This web site is designed only to attract clients for legal services within the State of California (including federal courts within California), where Mr. Pavone is licensed to practice law, where he maintains an office, and where he actually practices. Also, Mr. Pavone does not seek to represent anybody based solely on that person's visit to this web site.


The drawings below are depictions of Matthew Pavone during various celebrated trials in which he has been involved.

They are courtesy and copyright of Vicki Ellen Behringer

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