Budget Sub-Committee
This Sub-Committee has the task of developing a budget that reflects the political operational priorities of the Sonoma County Republican Party. Besides determining the allocation of funds, which may be amended by subsequent Resolutions as funds deviate from expectations, or as situations compel changes in priorities, this Budget Sub-Committee also provides guidance to the operations of the Treasurer.

By-Laws and Standing Rules Sub-Committee
This Sub-Committee has the task of deliberating on proposed amendments to the By-Laws of the Sonoma County Republican Party Central Committee, and it issues recommendations for or against proposed amendments. It also recommends for or against proposed Standing Rules, which are the minor, procedural rules within the operations of the Central Committee. It also serves as a quasi-judicial function, as ambiguities in the By-Laws or Standing Rules, or differences in interpretations, will be brought to their attention for further deliberation. The Sub-Committee then may make a recommendation about how to construe an ambiguity, or which of several interpretations actually is in line with the By-Laws. The final authority, in terms of judicial review, nevertheless remains always with the Central Committee itself.

Candidacy and Campaigns Sub-Committee (Endorsements/Initiatives)
This Sub-Committee has the task of deliberating on all political operations. Per the By-Laws, its Chairman is the First Vice Chairman, who thus also has the title as the Political Director of the Sonoma County Republican Party. It determines the criteria by which the Sonoma County Republican Party will decide how to allocate its very scarce resources in political operations, and it applies that criteria with respect to a specific candidacy or initiative campaign that comes to its attention. It also works to recruit candidates, to foster initiatives, and to make certain that candidates or ballot initiatives are fostered in such a manner as to promote the underlying principles of the Sonoma County Republican Party. A select sub-committee of the Candidacy and Campaign Sub-Committee furthermore will conduct the necessary review prior to a recommendation for or against endorsing a specific candidate or ballot initiative.

Communications and Publicity Sub-Committee
This Sub-Committee has the task of determining a strategy for more effective and sustained communication of Republican principles in the local community. It is in response to the long standing efforts of Democrats, and their Leftist friends in the mainstream media, to define Republicans in a manner that is sometimes different substantially from the principles for which Republicans really stand. In order to do this task, this Sub-Committee will cultivate relationships with media outlets, in the hopes of having the real Republican view more publicized. Also, it works to create and to disseminate our message through alternative media, such as in the internet, DVDs, call-in talk radio, and community access television.

Fair Booth Sub-Committee
It has become a tradition of the Sonoma County Republican Party to participate in the Sonoma County Fair every Summer. We sponsor a booth during the two weeks of the fair, distribute literature, sell merchandise, and register voters. Thus, there is a need to raise money for renting the booth and purchasing the merchandise to be sold. There is a need to recruit volunteers to take two hour shifts at the booth. There is a need finally to help determine the overarching political message that we intend to disseminate to the voters during that two week period. This Sub-Committee has a responsibility in each of these functions, in line with the recommendations of others or the directives of the Central Committee itself.

Fundraising Sub-Committee
This Sub-Committee has the task of deliberating on how better to solicit funds that are needed for our political operations. Sometimes, its members help the Chairman and others in actually interfacing with potential donors.

Marketing Sub-Committee
Besides the Sonoma County Fair, there are plenty of other smaller fairs and events, at which the Sonoma County Republican Party may have a presence. Also, during the Summer months, there is the Wednesday night market in the downtown Santa Rosa area, where we may post a booth and distribute our own literature for free. It is the task of this Sub-Committee to arrange for booths and volunteers to be present in as many of these smaller fairs and events as possible. Since a lot of the relevant contact information for these fairs and events has been compiled already, much of the preliminary work of this Sub-Committee has been done.

Precincts and Registration Sub-Committee
This Sub-Committee has the task of deliberating on how better to organize targeted precincts in targeted electoral jurisdictions, so as to maximize the Republican votes for endorsed candidates or ballot initiatives. Recognizing that a very traditional precinct organization may not work in our area, this sub-committee deliberates how to cultivate a relationship with targeted voters using modern technologies, which as such forms "virtual precinct organizations" that are more cost effective in terms of a scarcity of funds and volunteer resources. This Sub-Committee also deliberates how to register conservative leaning voters as Republicans, in a manner that utilizes our access to more sophisticated technologies. Thus, the overarching deliberation is on how to modernize the old fashioned "precinct captain" and transcend the slow and inefficient voter registration practices of the past. This Sub-Committee must work to coordinate its efforts with the Candidacy and Campaigns Sub-Committee, so that all of its efforts at modernizing voter outreach and voter registration may be focused in a manner that is most conducive to an endorsed candidate or ballot initiative.

Volunteer Organizations Sub-Committee
This Sub-Committee has the task of forming coalitions with other likeminded groups in the community. These alliances prove helpful in forging successful campaigns on behalf of our endorsed candidates or ballot initiatives. Also, this Sub-Committee has the task of developing strategies for recruiting more Republicans into active roles in the Central Committee, in more issue oriented Republican Clubs (like the Sonoma County Republican Assembly), and in the broader community.